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Where Diverse Ideas Spark Serious Fun


We craft experience strategies to help organizations and institutions create engaging and memorable experiences for their customers and stakeholders.


Our approach involves cutting through the clutter and offering fresh perspectives. We support our big ideas with thorough research and workshops using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and turn opportunities into prototypes. 


About Me



The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshops are designed and conducted in various formats - Requirement Gathering, Ideation, Idea Prioritization, Co-creation, Product Storytelling, Product Thinking, Organisational Identity, and The 3rd Way Innovation workshops. These workshops are not always solution-focused; they could be the answers we need for our questions and understanding of a particular subject domain, the outcomes, and the feasibility. The approaches used are Design Thinking, Mash-Up, Jobs-To-Be-Done Framework, and customized framework based on the requirement. 

From 'Design Thinking' to 'Design Doing,' we work closely with the stakeholders to understand the problem statement and create a product roadmap that aligns with the objective. We understand the users' needs, behaviors, and motivations to uncover the insights that inform our design decisions and create solutions that meet users' needs. Our deliverables depend on the problem statement - from user research, prototyping, visual design, product playbook or simple guiding principles that address the problem and bring exceptional value to the customers and teams.

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